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Poppy assembly

All Saints Day

Together we will thrive

We will nurture

We are united

The Parable of the Talents

Jesus Motivates Us

End of Year

Made in the Image of God

The Bishop and the Lost Sheep

Happy St Columba day

What do we know about Saint Columba

The Holy Spirit Comes Pentecost- Led by Year 5

The end of Easter 2018

After Easter 2018

Fifth Lent Assembly 2018

Fourth Lent Assembly 2018

Third Lent Assembly 2018

First Lent Assembly 2018

NSPCC 2018

The widow shares her food

New Year 2018

Second Sunday of Advent 2017

First Sunday of Advent 2017

Anti Bullying Week 2017

It is in giving that you receive

Poppy Assembly

Beattitide 8

Beattitide 7

Beattitide 6

Beattitide 5

Beattitide 4

Beattitude 2


Welcome Back

End of Year

Learning from Jesus

We Give Thanks

What do we know about St Columba

Mission Statement – Collective Worship

May – the month of Mary

Easter Week 1

Mother’s Day Assembly

Third Lent Assembly 2017

Second Lent Assembly 2017

First Lent Assembly 2017

Ash Wednesday

Great Learners


All about Saint George

British Values Mutual Respect Assembly

New Year 2016


Second Sunday of advent

First Sunday of advent

St Columba

Welcome Assembly – September 2015


08.05.15 Assembly PowerPoint:

May-Marys-Month 2015

13.03.15 Assembly PowerPoint:

rnd15_schools_primary_ngosa_assembly FRIDAY 13th March 2015

13.02.15 Assembly

Lent Assembly and Valentine 13.02.15
First Lent Assembly 6th February 2015

first Lent assembly 06.02.2015
January 2015

Friendship assembly


December  2014 Assembly (PowerPoint) – Please click on the link below

Twas the night before Christmas.





BBC_Children_in_Need_Primary_lesson_PowerPoint 14th November 2014
Please also see the ‘Fundraising’ section of our website to see some pictures of our Children in Need Assembly and also details of how much we raised.  A big thank you to the Parents, children, and staff for their generosity and support.

St Columba’s 2014 Timetable for Mr Cohen Judaism

Collective Worship Themes Autumn Term 2014



What does our mission statement sayRECAP

Mission Statement be friendly to everyone

Mission Statement Listen

Easter presentation

Mission Statement treat everyone the same

The Easter story

Mission Statement – Do our best Parable of the Talents

Mission Statement – be happy when we, or our friends  do well


Valentines Day Assembly