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Standards & Quality

The main purpose of the committee is to discuss and monitor all aspects of the school’s work around pupil attainment and progress, but this year it has also been ensuring that the new curriculum has been designed and has been fully implemented in line with new government regulations.

Inclusion & Safeguarding

The committee, as well as the S&Q committee, verifies that in line with the school’s mission and aims the school’s curriculum is broad, balanced and inclusive; meets the needs of all children and those with specific needs e.g. the most able, children with SEND, children with English as an Additional Language; including personal, spiritual, moral, social, cultural aspects and covers key Safeguarding messages and lessons. The school has undertaken Safeguarding training and has been made aware of and understand the content within the recently circulated revised Safeguarding Policy (Summer 2015).

Finance, Personal, Environment

Governors are responsible for overseeing the financial performance of the school in accordance of the approved finance policy & procedures and making sure its money is well spent and Best Value Principles are met.

The GB is working with the Archdiocese around building projects, and school development plan, enhancing the look of the whole school and its grounds.