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Father Chris sets us a challenge!

Our Church is looking lovely inside, as it was completely refurbished last year; however the outside is not looking as charming! Therefore the parish needs to raise some money to smarten it up.

At Mass, the school were given twenty pound by Father Chris. He has challenged us to bring back more than £20.00.

The school council have been carrying out some market research to find out what will sell and make us the biggest profit.

Next week we will be selling ginger bread in school. We are hoping to double our profits, so that we can contribute towards making our Church look the best it can be.

SATs Sunday

On Sunday 7th May, children from year 6 attended Mass, before they completed their KS2 SATs tests.  It was a lovely celebration and they were welcomed so warmly by all parishioners.

At the end of Mass, the congregation gathered around the statue of Our Lady for a special blessing from Father Chris.

Jesus said: “ Let the children come to me….for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these:   Mt. 19

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