Learning Mentor

Role of Learning Mentor


I help run our breakfast club each day. This is funded and is free for all children. It was set up to target children who were late, or poor attenders as well as children who were not getting a breakfast at home. We currently get over 60 children each day (1/3 of the school) and we still provide a free breakfast of fresh juice, a range of cereal and toast. We have children from reception up to year 6 and they all play a variety of games each day for 30 minutes. We encourage reading, by having a reading week each half term we encourage the older children to read to the younger children.

We also access to the school ipads and tablets which have many apps downloaded to enhance the curriculum through games, especially in maths, programming and game design.


I organise and set the school council termly task as well as assisting with any ideas the children come up with themselves. We use the council’s decisions to decide how we should raise money for charity and fun days in school and to decide what activities to do in extra -curricular clubs. It is through the council that we sell water, fruit and yoghurts each break time.


My main role is to provide 1-1 support to pupils in school. It is decided who i should work with by asking teachers to raise concerns for our termly planning and review meetings as well as pass data, parents asking for assistance, emotional literacy surveys and reacting to how children act when in school.

I use a variety of resources to help get to know the children, find the problem or the cause of the problem, and then help to fix the problem before setting an exit programme before they leave in year 7.

The resources range from self esteem work, relaxation techniques, friendship and co-operation building as well as being a professional friend and just listening when needed.


I lead the school’s attendance initiatives and we reward good attendance with certificates for each 5 week attendance block, extra play for the classes achieving target and termly certificates during our prize giving assembly each summer. I meet each 2 weeks with the school attendance service and provide them information on why children are off by co-ordinating a first day response absences.


Along with our parent liason officer, senco or CP officer I will attend multi agency meetings for a wide variety of extra needs. I am CAF trained and I will be the lead professional when needed.


I assist the pe co-ordinator in the running and organising of extra curricular sports activities. I manage the school football team, a reading club on 2 break times each week and run lunch time clubs as part of the sports premium package.


Each half term I host a whole school seal assembly and introduce promote the SEAL ethos topic for that half term.

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