Mission Statement

Holding Hands with Jesus as we love, learn and grow together 

Inspire, motivate and achieve  

At St. Columba’s we have high expectations and aspirations for our pupils. We believe that children should enjoy school and want to come every day.  We work hard to ensure that our environment is safe, welcoming and exciting, and that our curriculum is interesting and stimulating, so that every child will be motivated to achieve their full potential.

Unite, nurture and thrive

Our school is renowned for its welcoming and nurturing ethos. All visitors will be guaranteed the warmest of welcomes. The school has an excellent reputation with parents, parish and the wider community, particularly in regard to our Catholic ethos and the ‘ exemplary and exceptional ‘ care, guidance and support we give our children and their families.

Believe, pray and live      

Our Mission Statement is at the heart of our school. We strive at all times to reflect the love of Jesus Christ by giving our children the best education possible in a calm, safe and caring environment.


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