Religious Education


At St Columba, we pride ourselves on the quality of teaching and the purposeful learning accessible to all our pupils during our Religious Education lessons. Religious Education plays a central and vital part of our curriculum and essentially, is at the heart of our teaching.

Religious Education Curriculum Statement

We follow the Religious Education Programme recommended by the Archdiocese of Liverpool, ‘Come and See’. It is an engaging, inspiring and motivating programme which challenges our pupils. The programme was developed to respond to the needs of children today and encourage them to explore the mystery of faith through Scripture and Tradition as well as explore the mystery of God’s self-revelation of love through Jesus.

Each year group, from Reception to Year 6 have focus topics to cover throughout the year all linked by a central theme. Each topic is split into three sections: Explore, Reveal and Respond. Throughout their school journey, pupils have the opportunity to explore different faiths and religions as part of this curriculum.

Please find the topic overview for Come and See.


Religious Education is at the heart of everything we do here at St Columba. Therefore, it is crucial we ensure consistent high standards in this subject and have a clear assessment tool as we do with our other core subjects Maths and Literacy.

We assess pupils through formative and summative assessments. Formative assessments take place daily and can be done in a range of ways such as questioning, discussions, while you wait (recapping prior learning) and self/ peer assessment. Summative assessments take place once a term and is assessed against the Archdiocese standards for each year group.

RE Inspection report

Inspection report 2019

Standards- Skill Words

Pupils are assessed against the skills words ensuring understanding and outcomes for each focus topic.

Year group guide Skill Words
AT1- learning about AT2- learning from
EYFS Recognise Talk about
Labelling, Naming, Sorting, Matching
Y1/2/3/4 Describe Ask
Retelling, Discussing, Sequencing, Identifying, Recalling
Y3/4/5/6 Give reasons Make links
Answering Questions, Making Links and Connections, Describing, Reflecting, Investigating
Y5/6 Show understanding Engage and respond
Comparing, Responding, Applying Ideas, Interpreting

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