Breakfast Club

Breakfast club is run each day by Mrs.Usher. This is funded and is free for all children. It was set up to target children who were late, or poor attenders as well as children who were not getting a breakfast at home. We currently get over 60 children each day (1/3 of the school) and we still provide a free breakfast of fresh juice, a range of cereal and toast. We have children from Reception up to year 6 and they all play a variety of games each day for 30 minutes.

We encourage reading, by having a reading week each half term. We encourage the older children to look after the younger children by reading to them, helping them with their coats and belongings and generally making sure they are all happy!

We also access  the school iPads and tablets, which have many apps downloaded to enhance the curriculum through games, especially in maths, programming and game design.

We would like to thank Greggs the Bakers for helping us fund our Breakfast Club


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