SPACE Building Hire

Our SPACE Centre is currently in use (Out of School Hours) by the Williams Theatre School,  and a Martial Arts Club. These user  groups have been using our SPACE centre for several years now…….. Please see the weekly newsletter for further information. Below are some pictures of the Large Hall and Small Hall. The SPACE Centre is also used as the venue for Adult Education courses. Please see the weekly newsletter for further information on how to sign up to these free courses, which are run in conjunction with Knowsley Community College.

We have a new user group in our Sports Hall from the Local Authority. The leaders of this group provide valuable short breaks for disabled children. The school are pleased to accomodate and welcome this group to our Sports Hall each Wednesday from 4.00pm – 6.30pm

Large Hall 1 Large Hall 2 Large Hall 3 Small Hall

If you require any further information regarding the SPACE centre facilities/availability, then please contact the school on 0151 477 8360.

Hire Charges 1516 approved by CofG on 20.04.15

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