Careers Week 2023-2024

An amazing careers week for our children. We invited a range of professionals in to discuss their dreams, goals, aspirations and obstacles they faced when aiming to reach their dreams. We had a boxer/personal trainer, Dean of Leeds-Beckett University, Operations Nurse, Tattooist, Solicitors, Midwife and a Business Development Manager in. All of our visitors were fantastic with our children and showed openness and determination. They also gave the children some top tips to follow to help them achieve their dreams.

They were:

  1. Work hard.
  2. Enjoy what you do and believe in yourself.
  3. Always show kindness.

The children were then invited to dress up as ‘The Big Me’ to celebrate their dreams and goals. We had a range of Scientists, Doctors, Vets, Footballers, Solicitors, Teachers, Orthopaedists, Hair and Beauty Technicians, Builders, Security and many, many more.

What an inspirational week we have all experienced.